Zen Mama Gift Guide

Do you have an incredible Zen Mama in your life? The kind of woman who you’re a little bit in awe of. Strong and kind, patient and calm, and always determined to live well and offer her energy out to the world.

She’s also very difficult to shop for Mother's Day because she isn’t driven by material things. She loves love; she loves the environment; she loves her kids. She practices yoga and she’s clued up on Ayurveda. And she wants to make a positive impact on the world — which means not contributing to plastic pollution and a wasteful consumer culture.

So you don’t want to give her anything she won’t use. You don’t want to give her something that she’ll warmly thank you for while quietly wishing you’d spent your money on something else.

She’s difficult to shop for; but not impossible.

The kind of gift she’d love to receive is thoughtful and heartfelt, with ethical roots and a low carbon footprint. It’s something that can help her on her journey through life — and something which reminds her to give a little love and care to herself, as well as to others.

Don’t worry. We've got your back.  

  1. Abundance Candle

Made in California with natural soy wax and  blended with essential oils and premium fragrance oils to create an aroma of calm and inspiration; and then carefully poured into a handmade brass holder. Its environmental and socially conscious credentials make it the perfect gift for any Zen Mama. She can use it to add a little peace to her day by gently bringing her into the present moment.

How much? $55

  1. Flow Botanical Perfume Oil

 Flow is about finding resonance; finding depth; connecting with your wholeness. And this perfume oil has been created specifically to help busy people connect with their flow. High quality natural rose perfume oil comes together with freshly harvested flower buds to lift up even the most sleep-deprived Mama, and remind her to check in with her true self.

How much? $82

Mother's Day

  1. Organic Pitta Lavender Soap

Lavender is known for its stress-relieving properties. So our Pitta Lavender Soap makes an ideal gift — because even the most zen Mamas get stressed sometimes. Drawing on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, lavender essential oil is blended with comfrey — a powerful oil for healing and soothing. And coconut oil makes this soap a rich, nourishing moisturizer.

How much? $14

      4. Vegan Dry Brush

Our dry body brush has been carefully created with the environmentally conscious customer in mind. Unlike many dry brushes, every bristle on this one is completely vegan. By brushing skin all over the body in the direction of the heart, blood circulation is stimulated and the appearance of cellulite is reduced. It makes the body feel fresh and revitalized, and offers a beautiful balance between luxurious indulgence and much deserved self-care.

How much? $14