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The Ayurveda Self-Care Gift Guide To Increase Well-being Today

by Made by Yoke LLC |

Self-care rituals should be incorporated into our daily routines, not practiced inadvertently when we feel run-down or depleted.

The tradition of Ayurveda urges us to nourish our unique patterns and elements so that we can achieve balance and vigor. Ideally, self-care should be incorporated into our daily routines, not practiced inadvertently when we feel run-down or depleted. With this Ayurveda Self-Care gift set, you or those you love can achieve a daily self-care ritual that establishes calm, poise, and abundant health.


Our aromatherapy oils, dry brush, and tongue cleaner remove toxins and low-energies to replace them with high-energy, self-loving, self-healing elements.


Try these daily self-care essentials to instill Ayurveda’s wisdom in your (un)common life:


1. Choose an aromatherapy oil:


Calm/Sleep Aromatherapy Oil – Grounding woody tones are combined with lavender, eucalyptus and floral essences to send you drifting into the most restorative sleep of your life.

Self-love Aromatherapy Oil – Base notes of wood combine with floral essences to awaken your inner lover. Inspire unconditional love of self. Augment self-regard.

Awaken/Inspire Aromatherapy Oil – The unusually amazing combination of lemon, green tea, and sea grass give your inner sage a gentle nudge. Support a sound meditative practice and offer oomph to a-ha moments.

Empower Aromatherapy Oil – Hints of citron, sage, and geranium direct your inner guidance toward any goal. Conquer your fears and enliven your dreams.

Focus/Clarity Aromatherapy Oil – Notes of mandarin, sage, and lavender bring truth, insight ,and clarity. Remove obstacles and focus with ease.

Ground/Center Aromatherapy Oil – An accoutrement for those seeking grounding, stability, and calm. Experience stability in the midst of nature’s (and life’s) storms.


2. Tongue Cleaner

Practice good digestion and oral health with our stainless steel tongue cleaner ($11). Effectively remove toxins, jump-start proper detoxification, and stimulate qi in the internal organs.

3. Dry Brush

Use our small body brush ($10) to help detox the skin through dry brushing. This ancient technique increases blood flow, promotes lymphatic movement, ushering disease-fighting lymphocytes throughout the body, and exfoliates one of the largest organs of detoxification on your body – your skin. Use our dry brush daily to invigorate the nervous system, open pores, and encourage a natural detox.