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Essential Oils for Yoga aka "Yoke”

by Allacyn Griffin-May |

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to help improve spiritual and mental health.


The Ayurvedic medicine system — developed in India alongside yoga — understood that different types of essential oils can be useful for balancing different people. If you know your Ayurvedic body type — known as your dosha — then these dosha perfume oils can really help you find balance and improve the benefits of yoga.


  • Aromatherapy oils. If you don’t know your dosha, you can just choose some aromatherapy products that resonate with you to help improve your practice.

  • Pitta balancing oil. Pitta people are fiery and have lots of energy. Pitta balancing oils can help them find stability and ground them during their yoga practice.

  • Vata balancing oil. Vatas are high-energy and can be prone to anxiety. Vata balancing oils can help them relax and become grounded before their yoga sessions.

  • Kapha balancing oil. Kaphas tend to be slower and more relaxed than the other doshas. Kapha balancing oils can help energize and inspire them.


Learning about your Ayurvedic body type can be immensely useful for helping you learn more about yourself. Doing yoga according to your Ayurvedic constitution will significantly enhance your experience.

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