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Mindfulness Gift Guide

by Made by Yoke LLC |

For the seeker, mindfulness is a state you aim to achieve every day – a fullness of presence, a letting in of the now moment – no matter what emotions, or thoughts arise. At Made by Yoke, we believe that mindfulness can be crafted like an art.

With our specially-crafted perfume oils brimming with natural plant essences, heady incense, and Dosha-balancing aromatherapies, we tickle the olfactory nerves, while stimulating a calm awareness in your body and clear presence in your mind.


Our Mindfulness Gift Set is meant to act as a trigger to inspire your deeper awareness to rise to the surface, and for those who are lucky enough to receive a gift of this magnitude from you, they can more easily prepare an alter to the higher mind. If that’s too much to ask, there’s always chocolate.


Try these delicious Ayurvedic delicacies for encouraging mindfulness every day:


  1. Turmeric/Rose Aromatherapy Perfume Oil

How much? $46

Rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, as you elevate the mind with notes of grounding neroli and the luxurious scent of rose. As the essential oils work to lessen the appearance of scar tissue, the “samskaras” or rote ways of thinking are also dislodged for clarity and peace of mind.


  1. Hand-Dipped Frankincense and Myrrh Ritual Incense

How much? $26

Used for centuries by sages and saints as a way to call in higher energies, and the perfect adjunct to any mindfulness or meditation practice, our hand-dipped incense creates the perfect environment for peace and calm.


  1. Brass Incense Holder

How much? $28.99

Simple in design, but powerful in its utilitarian function, this holder keeps your incense burning strong while you meditate, chant, or just sit in calm solitude.


  1. Empower Aromatherapy Oil

How much? $24

Our empower aromatherapy oil is designed to cultivate mindfulness with ease. It emboldens an existing practice and encourages stillness where needed.


Total value: $50 MSRP $40