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New Years Ayurveda Rituals for Heart-opening

by Made by Yoke LLC |

When your heart is open, you become better at sharing love with others - and you become more receptive to the love that they offer you. Opening the heart also helps you access your intuition, which is the greatest source of guidance and wisdom that we have at our disposal.


These Ayurvedic rituals for heart opening will help you learn to live with your heart open.


  • Rise with the sun. The sunrise is one of the most powerful energetic times of the day. Rising with the sun will ensure that you start the day balanced, open, and receptive.

  • Be grateful. One of the best practices for anyone hoping to open their heart is to give gratitude. Start a gratitude journal, or simply vocalize the things that you’re grateful for everyday.

  • Check in. Opening your heart means being open and honest with yourself. Check in with yourself at least once a day by opening a grounded dialogue with yourself. See how you really feel.

  • Meditate. Meditation is a great way to get in tune with yourself and your emotions. A daily meditation practice will help you open your heart.


Following these practices on a daily basis will help to ensure that you easily live 2020 with an open heart.