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All Paths Lead Within

Posts tagged: meditation

5 Things to Pack in Your Bag for Your Stay at an Ashram

by Yoke Editors |

If you’re going to be staying at an ashram, then you want to be well-prepared. Bringing the right equipment will help to ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of your stay. 

Show Yourself Some Love: Incorporate These Products Into Your Daily and Weekly Self-Care Ritual

by Yoke Editors |

There are so many articles and opinions about what should be included in your daily and weekly self-care ritual, but really you are the only person who can decide what routine is right for you

Zen Mama Gift Guide

by Yoke Editors |

Do you have an incredible Zen Mama in your life? The kind of woman who you’re a little bit in awe of. Strong and kind, patient and calm. She’s also very difficult to shop for because she isn’t driven by material things.

The power of cultivating intention

by Yoke Editors |

Yoga teachers often use the word intention. The meaning behind it within a spiritual practice runs deeper than the dictionary definition, because learning to cultivate intention in your yoga and meditation practice has positive consequences for your life and well-being beyond the mat. Read more.

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