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Valentine’s Day Heart-Opening Gift Guide

by Made by Yoke LLC |

Without a doubt, Valentine’s Day is the most heart-centered day of the year. It’s also one of the best times to make sure that you’re living with an open, loving heart. With an open heart, you can shine bright for the rest of the world - and for your partner!


These Valentine’s Day heart-opening gifts will be a great way for you and your partner to open your hearts to each other. Don’t forget to treat yourself, too - remember, self-love matters, and it’s hard to love someone else if you don’t practice self-love first!


  • Flow Perfume Oil ($46) - Flow is designed to be an element of self-care, helping people find resonance with their highest selves and making it easier to fall into the flow of life.

  • Vata Body Oil - 1 oz ($22) - A hydrating, soft-scented, hydrating Vata body oil is a great gift for any Vatas who know how much self-love matters.


  • Ritual Incense ($26) - One of the best ways to open your heart is to burn a stick of ritual incense and tune in to the rhythms of nature.


These gifts are sure to warm the heart of anyone who receives them.