Made by Yoke Dream Catcher "California" Candle

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Ease your nerves and calm your senses with our Dream Catcher candle with its bright citrus and tangy blend.

Bright, sophisticated citrus tones blend with a hint of peach, ending in a naturally derived sweetness. This scent has a strong grapefruit top note.

Top notes: Orange, Mandarin, Lemon
Middle notes: Grapefruit, Peach
Base notes: Red Currant, Vanilla

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange and grapefruit.

The Ojibwe legend describes Dream Catchers as small webs hung over cradles as a protective charm for the little ones. Any harmful or negative energies in the air would be caught by the netting, just as a true spider web catches anything floating by. 

Every element of the dreamcatcher can have a meaning. As sacred objects, a great deal of care goes into making one in the traditional style. 

The Hoop- Circles and spirals are often held sacred to indigenous cultures around the world. In the case of the dreamcatcher, the wooden hoop represents the circular shape of the earth.

The Feathers- Often from owl or turkey, the feathers hanging from the hoop can have various meanings between cultures. However, the predominant belief is that the downy feathers provide a soft ladder of sorts for good dreams to slide down into the dreamer’s mind.

The Points of Connection- A lesser known symbol in a dreamcatcher is the number of connection points between the web and the outer hoop. If the twine or sinew overlaps the edge at 13 points, this is said to relate to the 13 phases of the moon. Other numbers have meanings as well. Eight points represent Spider Woman’s legs, six points represent an eagle, and five points a star. 

Read More about this beautiful symbol on the blog.

    Phthalate-free fragrance oil, proprietary essential oil blend, coconut/soy wax blend, lead-free cotton wick, brass-plated vessel.

    This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange.

    Our unique candle vessels are hand-forged and brass-plated. Each vessel is individually crafted by a traditional metal smith. Due to the unique craftsmanship there may be slight variations in vessels.

    • Vegan
    • Phthalate free
    • Alcohol free
    • Cruelty free
    • Lead free wick

    Light our Dream Catcher candle and enjoy a clean, fresh and brightening scent that sets the mood in any room. 

    Burn no more than four hours at a time. 

    • Trim wick 1/4 " prior to each use
    • Keep wax pool free of debris
    • Stop burning when 1/2" unmelted wax remains
    • Burn within sight.

    Please follow our candle safety guidelines:

    • Vessel temperature will increase when lit and just after. Let vessel cool to avoid injury.
    • Do not handle vessel while lit. Use a cloth to handle vessel if it is hot.
    • Avoid drafts and burn on a heat resistant surface.
    • Never leave a burning candle unattended. 
    • Keep away from things that catch fire.
    • Keep away from children.

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      Lacey E.
      United States United States
      Best Gifts!

      Yoke products are amazing to gift to yourself, or friends who need a little extra self care, in body or spirit.

      Jodi P.
      United States United States
      Love Yoke Candles

      I love Yoke candles! Dream Catcher is perfect for meditation, to put on an altar, or to infuse your room with a an intention and a delicious fragrance. ✨✨

      Racqual H.
      United States United States
      Love these candles

      I love every scent I have bought from Yoke, they all have wonderful scents. I also love the look of the container. This is a wonderful company.