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A curated selection of high-energy,

self-healing, holistic goods sure to amplify

any self-care wellness routine



Tongue Cleaner

Tongue cleaning is an ancient Ayurveda ritual for maintaining oral hygiene and removing toxins.

Use The Tongue Cleaner each morning to set your digestion for the day and stimulate your internal organs while promoting oral health.

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Dry Brush

Dry body brushing helps shed dead skin cells resulting in smoother and brighter skin. It also stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The traditional Ayurvedic dry massage is called garshana. The ideal time to dry brush is in the morning before showering.

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Turmeric/Neem Body Scrub

Turmeric/Neem Body Scrub is a luxurious salt scrub leaving a soft radiance to oily, stressed skin.

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Pitta Cleansing Bar

Pitta Dosha Bath Salts dusted with calming lavender and our signature pitta essential oil blend cools and calms you.

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Kapha Aromatherapy Oil

Kapha Multi-Purpose Oil awakens and inspires you. This synergistic combination helps to detox and cleanse the body, while also supporting a deeply restorative and replenishing self-care ritual.

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Vata Perfume Oil

Windswept vata dosha is an energetic dreamer who benefits from the balance of sturdier roots to become focused, grounded, and serene.

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