Made by Yoke Daily Self-Care Set [15% OFF]

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Everything you need to get started with your own personal, daily self-care journey (at a discounted price).

Dry brushing to stimulate the lymph and support immunity, tongue cleaning to detox the mouth and set daily digestion, and lavender aromatherapy to instantly relax and unwind.

This set includes three separately packaged products designed to be used daily. When sold separately, the discount does not apply.

Dry brushing stimulates your nervous system leaving you feeling invigorated. Be sure not to brush too hard, you don't want to irritate or tear the skin

Key Benefits of Dry Brushing:

(1) Improved muscle tone Enhanced skin health, ‘glowing’ skin 

(2) Decreased physical effects of stress 

(3) Helps to enhance metabolism and thus helps to regulate weight 

(4) Encourages the removal of ama (toxins) 

(5) Improves circulation 

(6) Helps to fight and remove cellulite

Make sure to dry brush in the morning before you shower so you can rinse the dead skin and toxins away. And, you should replace your dry brush every six months. Learn how to dry brush here.

  • Tongue cleaning fights periodontal disease. If you leave bacteria on your tongue to grow and thrive, this can increase your risk of developing gum disease. These illnesses can then spread throughout your body.
  • Tongue cleaning improves taste. By clearing the gunk off your tongue, a regular cleaning practice can help improve your sense of taste.
  • Tongue cleaning prevents oral thrush, an infection that can be caused by a buildup of yeast in the mouth. If you notice white patches appearing on your tongue, this could be the first sign of oral thrush. Either way, this is certainly an indication that you need to start cleaning your tongue.
  • Tongue cleaning boosts immunity and digestion. 
  • Your tongue is an important component of your immune system and keeping it clean helps to prevent toxic buildup from being absorbed into your body.
  • Tongue cleaning is a fairly easy practice to take up and the benefits are impressive. Not only does tongue cleaning improve your oral health, but  primes your immune system.

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