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We're a team of women designing self-care tools that help you find balance and vitality in your everyday life. We’re motivated by mission, design to empower, and curate to support your holistic health.

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Dry brushing - also known as gharshana - is a technique that helps to maintain general health. The benefits include improving circulation, supporting the lymphatic system and enhanced glowing skin.

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at-home meditation

Nurture a sacred space in the comfort of your home with the only meditation cushion you'll ever need. Encourage, support and inspire your daily 20 minute meditation practice by finding a comfortable seat. Our signature zafu cushion is on sale now. Filled with natural, organic buckwheat hulls.

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Curious, but not ready to commit? We get it. Our handmade, traditional perfume oil samples are back in stock. Sign-up for our newsletter and get 10% off your first trial order!

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"Love Yoke Candles"

"I love Yoke candles! Dream Catcher is perfect for meditation, to put on an altar, or to infuse your room with a an intention and a delicious fragrance."

-Jodi P., Dream Catcher Candle

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