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We're a team of women designing self-care tools that help you find balance and vitality in your everyday life. We’re motivated by mission, design to empower, and curate to support your holistic health.

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Enhance your inner glow with the healing stone of Jade. Explore the rejuvenating benefits that lift and detoxify.

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"I have purchased this candle (& their others) MULTIPLE times. I bought the Pitta one particularly because that is my primary dosha. I am a big promoter of having items that “spark joy” á la Marie Kondo and not only does this candle bring me joy via fragrance, it is a physical cue for me to remind myself to remain in balance. You’ll love the soothing scent in your home, office, home office or allow another to enjoy by way of a gift!"

-Teresa B., Pitta Dosha Candle

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Stay-at-home comfort. Day-at-the-spa style. Designed by veteran mediation teachers. Objects that support every level of your practice.

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