What are the Best Ayurvedic Essential Oils for Yoga?

Essential oil blends have been used for thousands of years to help improve spiritual and mental health. The Ayurvedic medicine system — developed in India alongside yoga — understood that different types of essential oils can be useful for balancing emotional and physical state. These are our favorite Ayurveda essential oil blends to use for your yoga practice, depending on your intention.

For a Calming and Relaxing Practice
Pitta balancing oil. Pitta people are fiery and have lots of energy. Pitta balancing oils can help them find stability and ground them during their yoga practice. This Ayurveda essential oil blend uses cooling lavender and coconut oil - two of Pitta's best friends!

For a Grounding Yoga Practice 
Vata balancing oil. Vatas are high-energy and can be prone to anxiety. Vata balancing oils can help them relax and become grounded before their yoga sessions. This Ayurveda essential oil blend uses bergamot and vanilla, both warming and grounding oils which balance Vatas cold-to-the-touch nature.

For an Energizing Yoga Practice
Kapha balancing oil. Kaphas tend to be slower and more relaxed than the other doshas. Kapha balancing oils can help energize and inspire them. This Ayurveda essential oil blend uses rosemary and lemon, both invigorating oils with the quality to inspire.