Why Perfume Oil Should Be Your Next Wellness Investment

With the power to transform our moods and transport our minds, scent might be the most powerful sense we possess. But with perfume sprays, solids, and rollers…there are almost too many fragrance options to choose from these days. 

So how does one decide? At Made by Yoke, we follow the lineage of our beloved teachers and focus on Perfume Oil. This method of aromatherapy has traditionally been used for thousands of years to provide not only a purely aromatic effect, but also a health and curative effect. As luxurious as they are long-lasting, perfume oils offer the best of both traditional and modern aromatherapy.

Whether you have a signature personal scent, prefer to change it with the seasons, or strictly use fragrance as a tool for Ayurvedic living, perfume oils offer a unique blend of benefits to calm the mind and reinvigorate the body. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of perfume oil and how to incorporate it into your daily routine:

What is the difference between perfume oil and perfume?  

Perfume oils are more potent than their traditional counterparts and less harsh on the body. Why? Because oils, unlike au de toilettes or perfumes, don’t typically use alcohols or synthetic preservatives.

Instead, perfume base oils are blended with essential oils, plant derivatives, and other key ingredients. Our Made by Yoke Perfume oils are hand-crafted with traditional Ayurveda techniques, meaning each batch begins by soaking our oils in a 20-30-day flower bath.

Why is perfume oil better than perfume? 

Perfume oil benefits include:

  • Perfume oils have the ability to absorb into your skin providing moisture and lustre
  • Oils forgo harsh synthetics, alcohols, and toxins that may irritate skin or disrupt hormones
  • Aromatherapy oils help enhance moods (relaxation, energy, calm, etc.)

How do you apply it?

Start with clean, dry skin, and apply the oil directly from the roller to the body. Applying oils directly to the skin allows for the most concentrated, but controlled distribution of scent. Common application points include the wrists, behind the ears, the collarbone, bottom of the throat, and even behind the knees. These areas are all points where blood circulates closely to the skin, warming the scent and increasing its potency. 

Scent tip: while it’s natural to want to rub the oil in, or say, your wrists together, it’s best to massage the oil gently into your skin. Doing so extends the time between the initial application and the need to reapply the fragrance. 

How many times should I reapply? 

As oil absorbs into the skin, it’s common to need to reapply every few hours. Reapplying not only reinforces the perfume’s scent, but it can also provoke therapeutic responses as said oil acts as the delivery mechanism for medicinal benefits in the ingredients. 

Thankfully, our Yoke perfume oils are luxurious in nature, so each application serves as a small act of self-care. It’s safe to say you won’t mind reapplying. (You might even look forward to it!)

Where should I start?

For the perfume oil curious, we offer samples of Made by Yoke’s most popular perfume oils. But as scent so often plays a role in controlling our moods, why not pick up a few styles to have on hand for whatever the occasion calls for? 

If you’re looking for other fragrance products, shop our complete Made by Yoke aromatherapy perfume oil collection here.