Renewal: How to Create a Meditation Space

One of the most wonderful aspects of meditation is that you leave the mundane, outside world and enter the sacred space inside of yourself. To facilitate this shift in consciousness, many people choose to create a meditation space that is purely for this purpose. Incense, candles, and gongs can all help to set the tone for a meditative journey. The props you choose for meditation have a similar impact.

To get ready to kick off a meditation practice first take the time to create a sacred space where you can focus and go within. This space can be a dedicated room, a space in your outdoor garden or yard, or a corner of your bedroom. The size of the space doesn’t matter, the intention behind the space does.

Consider how the space makes you feel. Make sure you create an area that you actually want to use. As with yoga, the key to meditation is sticking to a regular practice. A high-quality cushion will help to create an inviting space that will keep you returning to meditation every day. Consider adding additional items that inspire a sense of peace and tranquility. Pictures, crystals, talismans, poems, sayings and scents are great supportive elements when creating a sacred space to go within. Make sure these items add to your practice and don’t distract you as you want to spend this time focusing within.  

There is countless evidence as to the enormous benefits of creating a meditation practice. A scientific review study in 2014 found evidence of improved anxiety, depression, and overall improvement of mental health for individuals with an established meditation practice. The same review also found that participants had a reduction in physical pain. Additionally, studies show that meditation can decrease high blood pressure, which has been linked to a plethora of other diseases. While the proven benefits of meditation are significant, there are many more potential benefits that are still being studied, including help with sleep issues and even addiction. 

No matter your meditation experience or budget, kicking off a meditation practice will contribute to your overall mind and body wellness. Experiment with cushions, candles and atmospheric elements to enhance your practice, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the length of meditation you can achieve. Happy meditating!