Ayurveda Apothecary Green Beauty

“I created Ayurveda Apothecary out of a deep reverence for Dhanvantari*, the Vedic tradition, my teachers, and all the teachers that came before them. Studying Ayurveda profoundly changed my perspective on life and well being; it allowed me to connect to my inner healer and trust in this intuitive guidance. These formulations support the guidance of the healer we all have within. It is my hope that these products inspire others to embrace their natural state of well being -- and find the space and stillness to listen to its calling.”
-Tamara, Founder of Yoke






Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old natural healing science from India grounded in the premise that the mind, body, and environment synthesize to create a holistic vision of well being.    

Ayurveda Apothecary is our plant-derived apothecary line formulated by Ayurveda practitioners at Yoke. Inspired by living close to the land, these hand-blended products are formulated seasonally with a commitment to green beauty. Each formulation is fortified to balance the five great elements in nature: ether, air, fire, water and earth.



According to Ayurveda, life was created from the five great elements in nature: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Everyone is comprised of a combination of these five elements, known as the doshas.

The three doshas, vata, pitta, and kapha, are mind/body constitutions that provide meaningful insight into our physical and mental capacity. All three doshas exist in everyone, but two or three typically manifest more prominently in an individual.

Ayurveda Apothecary balances and rejuvenates the natural state of the doshas by creating formulations that support physical and mental harmony within the elements.

The element and dosha-based product lines are distinctly crafted to realign specific doshic qualities, but are beneficial and replenishing for all.

E T H E R + A I R govern the VATA dosha. 

This product line is comprised of warming, sweet, and mineral based botanicals, oils, scents, and herbs to ground, hydrate, and focus.

F I R E + W A T E R govern the PITTA dosha.

This product line is comprised of cooling, sweet, and astringent based botanicals, oils, scents, and herbs to soothe, pacify, and stabilize.

W A T E R + E A R T H govern the KAPHA dosha.

This product line is comprised of drying, invigorating, and astringent based botanicals, oils, scents, and herbs to awaken, stimulate, and revitalize.



  • Blended by hand in America
  • Batched seasonally 
  • Made with wildcrafted and organic botanicals and oils sourced from around the globe
  • Made with food-grade oils and seasonal plants and herbs
  • Created specifically to support and balance the five elements in nature: the doshas
  • Designed for use by anyone of any dosha
  • Made without parabens, sulfates, or artificial colors
  • Not tested on animals



The unique qualities of each wildcrafted harvest guides our formulating process. Each blend is designed to:

+ Nourish the body at the cellular level

+ Safely and gently remove toxins

+ Support and increase absorption

+ Re-set and enhance digestion 

+ Balance and support other herbs in the compound

+ Reduce the effects of stress



Our batches frequently include fresh raw bark, twigs, leaves, seeds and flower petals from the oil bath in which they originated. Please keep your oil away from long-term direct sunlight to protect the blend.



Unlike most commercial brands, our products derive a subtle and lean scent from the oil flower bath base instead of relying heavily on an essential oil top.

We begin our process with the creation of a plant oil bath that is soaked in freshly harvested botanicals to derive their healing essences and delicate aroma directly from the petals, leaves, and bark. Each flower-bathed oil is then hand-blended with globally-sourced essential oils that nurture and balance our mind and body systems.

We complete this formula with classical Ayurveda extracts to enhance the adaptogen and healing capabilities. The result is a deeply nuanced oil that can be applied for abhyanga, meditation, or everyday wear.

The perfume, hair, and body oils are truly balancing because of the care and consciousness we take to craft each oil, adaptogen, and botanical blend. 



*Dhanvantari is revered in the Vedas as the initial founder of Ayurveda and the first divine incarnation to reveal the eternal knowledge of Ayurveda to the world. He is also worshiped as the Hindu god of healing.

**Allergen Information: Please be aware all of our products are either formulated with nuts or created in an environment that has nuts.

***If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant please consult a doctor before using essential oils.The products are not intended to treat, diagnose, or prescribe. The formulations should not replace or be considered a substitute for a licensed medical professional. These formulations are not sanctioned by the FDA.