Show Yourself Some Love: Incorporate These Products Into Your Daily and Weekly Self-Care Ritual

There are so many articles and opinions about what should be included in your daily and weekly self-care ritual, but really you are the only person who can decide what routine is right for you. Here are some ideas of activities our editors put together that could be beneficial for you. 

Daily Ritual

Meditation Practice: Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, lengthen attention span, enhance self-awareness and more. Incorporating meditation into your daily routine can help you navigate the stresses of daily life. If you’re interested in learning more about meditation read our Intro to Mindfulness Meditation blog. 

Enhance your meditation practice with our Ritual or Sacred Incense.

Yoga Practice: Yoga can improve flexibility and strength, reduce stress, become more mindful and more. Yoga is a great way to not only destress but to improve your overall health by getting your body moving. Check out our blog about The Best Yoga Retreats in the Most Beautiful Places Around the World

Incorporate candles into your daily yoga practice, try our wellness candles; Abundance, Intention and Presence.

Shower: Now you probably do this everyday or most days, but you may take this time for granted. Instead, think of this time as an opportunity to refresh and revitalize not only your body but your mind and spirit. Take the time to enjoy this daily necessity by clearing your thoughts of any negativity and cleansing your body. Try one of our body scrubs or cleansing bars.

Tongue cleaner: Tongue cleaning is an ancient Ayurveda practice that has become an increasingly popular way to remove bacteria, reduce bad breath and improve oral hygiene. Many people have adopted the daily practice as a way to improve overall health. Check out our tongue cleaner here.

Weekly Ritual:

Dry Brush: Dry brushing is another ancient practice that has made a recent resurgence in popularity and it’s no wonder given the many benefits that include it’s exfoliating, it Increases Circulation, it's Invigorating and Energizing, it stimulates the Lymphatic System, it helps eliminate Toxins or Detoxify the Body. Our Dry Brush and Small Body Brush are perfect for this weekly or bi-weekly activity.

Bath: During the week you don’t always have the time to slow down and take a bath, but incorporating a weekly bath into your routine can help relieve sore muscles, help you sleep better and improve your mood. If you’re ready to incorporate a weekly bath into your routine check out our Sandalwood / Rose Herbal Bath and Body Oil, Brahmi / Rose Herbal Bath and Body Oil and Turmeric / Rose Herbal Bath and Body Oil.

No matter what activities you decide to incorporate into your daily ritual, make sure to slow down and take the time to enjoy your daily ritual. After all, self-care shouldn’t be rushed.