How to Balance the Ayurveda Doshas with Aromatherapy

Aroma has been used in Ayurveda as an important healing tool for centuries.

How to Use Aromatherapy

A widely-used ayurvedic technique, aromatherapy massage, delivers essential oils in two ways, you inhale them and your skin also absorbs them when you receive or give yourself a massage. Once the oils penetrate the make their way into the bloodstream, they are transported to the organs and systems of the body where they can have profound prevention and healing benefits.

For our aromatherapy oils we recommend a pre-shower Abhyanga (self-massage) after your morning meditation, rub the oil on your body in circular motions starting with feet working toward the neck. Do this in a quiet and undisturbed space where you can think of appreciation and gratitude for your body and the love in your life. Take at least 15 minutes to complete. Shower after completion, or use Ubtan Cleansing Grains to remove excess oil prior to bathing. Or you can apply our oils post-shower by rubbing it on slightly damp skin in circular motions starting with feet working toward the neck to replenish, moisturize and condition skin. You can do this while still in the shower.

Vata Dosha Aromatherapy Oil

Pitta Dosha Aromatherapy Oil

Kapha Dosha Aromatherapy Oil

Our aromatherapy oils can also be used in aromatic baths, a popular form of aromatherapy. Adding bath salts or one tablespoon of oil to a warm bath vaporizes the essential oils, allowing you to immediately inhale them. Soaking allows you to absorb the oils and also relaxes your muscles.

Balancing the Ayurveda Doshas with Essential Oils

The Vata constitution is characterized by coldness, lightness, agility and dryness. To balance Vata you should use sweet, soothing and warm oils like sandalwood, sweet orange, rose and jasmine. Other oils that can balance Vata dosha are vanilla, lavender, lemongrass, lemon, ginger and ylang ylang.

Pitta Dosha are known for their hot and fiery character. To restore the Pitta balance, it is best to apply oils that stimulate sweating and have a cooling effect, such as jasmine, gardenia, rose, mint and chamomile and yarrow. These are perfect essential oils for the extreme heat of the summer months.

People with Kapha Dosha are characterized by a cold character and slow movements, the right oils for them are warming, spicy, stimulating oils such as rosemary, basil, eucalyptus, peppermint, cedar, myrrh, sage, anise, laurel, birch, ginger. These oils also work great to invigorate you on damp, cold, gray spring days.