Ayurvedic Rituals: How to Begin a Meditation Practice at Home

Adapting to the times, working from home, having the family in the house, dealing with mounting stresses we are in need of a way to cope more than ever! Most of us know meditation is a proven technique for relaxing, connecting and living fuller lives. Unfortunately, it can be hard to start a new meditation practice.

Meditation can help you fight off the stressors of  life,  improve your mental health and find techniques to cope.

These tips are a sure-fire way to help you find the time and space to start a new routine.

Find the time. Or, rather, make the time. Find a small period of time (even 10 minutes is fine) to dedicate to meditation everyday. 

Get aesthetic. Starting your routine by lighting incense or using candles can be a great way to settle the mood and encourage you to actually sit down with yourself. 

TIP: Use an stop watch to guide you when you begin. Set the timer for 15 minutes the first few days and gradually increase the time until you become more comfortable.

Use an alarm. Even experienced meditaters can have a hard time remembering to meditate everyday, especially if it’s at the same time. While you’re new, it can help to set an alarm to remind yourself to meditate. Further, you can set a 15-minute timer to help you focus in silence. Each day you can increase this time by 2-3 minutes. 

Use audio/video meditations. Plenty can be found on YouTube. This is an easy way to guide yourself through the process of meditation. 

Don’t get discouraged. 

The iconic image of a peaceful yogi sitting on a mountain makes meditation seem like it’s easy, but it’s not. Remember to be present and stick with the practice, even - especially - if you feel like it’s not going anywhere. 

Remember, meditation might seem simple, but it’s a life-changing process that will have a profound effect on your well-being. The sooner you start, the better