To Mom, With Love: A 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers. They’re friends, confidantes, and role models. They bridge the gap between what seems possible and our wildest dreams. Mothers—and mother-like figures—have shaped our lives in every way imaginable.

It’s why we love them so dearly. And it’s why finding them the perfect Mother’s Day gift seems so hard. Flower deliveries seem impersonal, spa options are limited right now. What are you to do?

Don’t worry, this year Made by Yoke has you and your mother covered. We’ve compiled our absolute favorite gifts for moms, moms-to-be, basically-my-mom, and everyone in between. These are gifts with intention.

Shop our curated gifts for Mother’s Day below:

For your own mother:

Your mom has always been there for you. From day one, she’s sat with you while you cried, answered late night phone calls, and explained to you how to make that one special recipe. She’s selfless and superhuman.

This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of self-care. We recommend this Yoke jade facial roller. It’s true—the smooth, cool green stone helps with sculpting, toning, and firming skin; but the real magic is Mom taking a few minutes for herself.

For the soon to be mom:

We all love the sweet newborn phase, but we know it’s not without its sleepless nights. Help the mom-to-be get a great night sleep with a lightweight silk sleep eye mask. It’s the perfect mix of opulence and practicality, and it’ll serve her just as well post baby.

For your grandmother:

What do you get the woman who already has everything? A luxurious, beautifully scented clean candle.

Made by Yoke carries a collection of candles grounded in the belief that scent has the power to powerfully affect mindsets. Give her the gift of “Presence” or “Abundance” in a hand-forged brass plate candle. She’ll think of you every time she lights it.

For the woman who isn’t your mom, but still feels like a mother:

Traditional Mother’s Day gifts can feel too cloying for the women in our lives who fill that role but aren’t related to us.

Mix things up with a multidimensional work of art like this rectangular incense holder (paired with your favorite incense, naturally). When in use, the incense curls and billows like a performative dance around its keeper. On the shelf, the holder sits beautifully as a work of art.

For your mother-in-law:

Your mother-in-law may not have raised you, but hopefully, she’s become an important part of your life too. After all, she raised your partner!

Celebrate her with a series of perfume oils such as our ‘Flow’ perfume oil or Yoke’s ‘Ubud’ perfume oil. These uniquely scent oils offer a range of aromatic benefits from aiding in the treatment of insomnia to fighting inflammation that are sure to relax her. Most importantly, they smell heavenly. It’s a win-win.

For your mom friends:

Whether your friends are celebrating their first Mother’s Day or they’re seasoned pro-s at this parenting thing, a small gift will mean the world to them.

Remind your mom friends to care for themselves with Yoke’s ‘Self-Love’ aromatherapy roll on. This sage and geranium essential oil blend helps with anxiety, stress, tension, and balancing moods. Because it’s easy to travel with, this aromatherapy roll-on can be used any place or time she needs a pick-me-up.

For you:

If you’re a mother, don’t forget to pour into your own cup this holiday. Consider taking a few minutes to yourself to meditate, pray, or simply sit in silence (a true luxury with small children).

Invest in this peace of mind with a new Made by Yoke meditation pillow. This simple pillow, filled with natural buckwheat husks, turns any room into Zen oasis. Your meditation practice, and your spirit, will thank you.

For everyone on your list:

At the end of the day, a handwritten note goes a long way. We recommend including the ways in which you take after her, things you’ve learned from her, and generally gushing over their wonderful spirit and energy.

From all of us at Made by Yoke, Happy Mother’s Day. (And if this season is hard for you, know that we’re holding you in our hearts, too.)