A Gift Guide for the Stressed Out

To say 2020 has been stressful might be the understatement of the year (okay, decade). But even in a normal year, it’s impossible to avoid everyday stressors like deadlines, office politics, and family drama. Throw in the occasional major life decision and—ugh, our shoulders are getting tense just thinking about it.

That’s why holiday gifts that relax the mind, body, and spirit are instant winners. Who doesn’t crave more balance, better sleep, and peace of mind? This season, we’ve put together a curated list of the best gifts for stress. Think candles, meditation tools, and more. And since stress happens to all of us, we can guarantee this gift guide has something for everyone on your list.

Sandalwood Incense:

Aromatherapy is a proven way to cue any mood, including calm, and incense is our favorite way to use it.

Give your friends a batch of hand-dipped, California sun dried sandalwood incense to relax their minds and placate any lingering thoughts of anxiety. Pro tip: Wrap up the incense with a beautiful brass incense holder for the ultimate gift pairing.

Lavender Eye Pillow:

There are few things in life more luxurious than a stolen moment. For some it’s a nap, a short meditation, or even just a few minutes of alone time.

Encourage more of these moments by slipping a lavender eye pillow into a few stockings this holiday season. Filled with a deeply relaxing blend of freshly harvested lavender and natural flax seeds, this mask combines the benefits of aroma and light therapy, stimulate rest and relaxation. An ideal gift for restless minds.

Meditation Cushion:

Looking inward isn’t always comfortable, but that doesn’t mean a meditation practice can’t be.

Made with organic cotton and filled with natural buckwheat, this meditation cushion is the perfect gift for both beginners and professionals alike. Veteran mediators and yoga teachers designed this cushion to inspire daily practice. Plus, this gift serves as a physical reminder that when you quiet the mind, you open the door to possibility.

Kansa Wand:

For the stressed out, the benefits of self-care are endless, and a few meaningful tools can amplify those benefits for pure, unadulterated bliss.

The Kansa wand, an Ayurvedic lifestyle tool similar to jade rollers and gua sha crystals, is the perfect gift for achieving such tranquility. Just a few minutes using this tool releases muscular tension, restore skin radiance, and release toxins from the skin.

P.S. Have a friend who has everything? We bet they don’t have this…yet.                                                                                          

‘Presence’ Candle:

Is there anything more relaxing than lighting a candle after a long day? We didn’t think so either.

If your friends and family would agree, look no further than Made by Yoke’s ‘Presence’ candle. With notes of vanilla and sandalwood, this wellness candle fills any room with calming essential oils. Your friends will also appreciate that these candles are phthalate and lead free…one less thing to stress about!

Made by Yoke wants to help you celebrate the holidays! If you’re looking for the perfect gift, explore our complete collection of Ayurveda lifestyle, aromatherapy, and wellness products.