Winter Blues Got You Down? Try Aromatherapy

It’s winter and we’re all craving sunlight. It might still be shining, but the few hours of sun that we’re getting each day isn’t always enough to offset the winter blues. The health benefits of aromatherapy oils can help you feel chipper during these colder months.

There are a lot of different ways for you to enjoy the mental health benefits of aromatherapy oils. Using an essential oil diffuser is one of the simplest and most effective ways to enjoy the experience. You can also use an aromatherapy roll on, facial steamers, hot and cold compresses, bath salts, or bath and body oils to improve your mood.

Aromatherapy for Sadness

Seasonal affective disorder — the clinical term for the winter blues — is also referred to as SAD, which describes one of the most common problems associated with the winter blues: sadness. Fortunately, aromatherapy can be a great way to help you beat back winter sadness.

Lavender is a calming essential oil which can help to improve mood and relaxation during times of sadness and stress. Eucalyptus oil is also a great choice. Eucalyptus helps you focus and stay present so that you can concentrate on what’s important.

Aromatherapy for Fatigue and Low Energy

One of the biggest problems associated with the winter blues is fatigue and low energy. These problems can land you in a downward spiral that seems impossible to get out of. Fortunately, aromatherapy can be great for helping to pull you to feel more energized.

Wild ginger is one of the best oils for helping to fight depression and low energy. Wild ginger oil is believed to activate the brain’s serotonin system — the same system that is targeted by antidepressants.

Bergamot essential oil is another great option for people who are hoping to build their energy back up. Bergamot is both uplifting and calming. This might seem like a paradox, but this means that bergamot oil can bring you more energy while reducing any associated anxiety.

Cinnamon is a delicious, warming and soothing essential oil that packs a punch. If you’re looking for a warm boost on a cold winter’s day, cinnamon aromatherapy can help.

Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Another symptom of seasonal affective disorder is anxiety. You might feel uncomfortable around your friends or family, or perhaps you’re finding it harder to finish your daily responsibilities.

There are a few essential oil blends that can knock your anxiety out of the park. Ylang-ylang oil and rose oil are both shown to relax the mind and body. They can help to slow down your nervous system and balance your heart rate and your breath. These oils also help to reduce high blood pressure.

Using an essential oil roll on can help to relax your muscles and relieve tension. This will make it easier for you to break out of your comfort zone and face the music. Sandalwood oil is also great for this purpose. Sandalwood is a grounding oil that can stabilize your nerves.

Aromatherapy for Social Withdrawal

The winter blues might also leave you craving “me-time.” There’s nothing wrong with solitude, but it’s easy to overdo it. If you're starting to forget about your friends and family, you might want some help getting back on your feet.

There are a few essential oils which are great for people who want to reconnect with their peers. 

The health benefits of both cedarwood and chamomile essential oil are great for fighting any wintertime antisocial tendencies. They can help relax you and relieve nervous tension so that you can be comfortable around your loved ones.

Bergamot oil is another great option for people who are feeling withdrawn. It will help lift you up and remind you of how important it is to stay connected.

If you’re feeling down, don’t worry. The winter blues affects people differently. Lucky for you, aromatherapy is simple, affordable, and one of the best ways to brighten your mood during winter.

Whether you’re battling sadness, anxiety, or social withdrawal, there’s a solution for you. Check out our collection of essential oil blends and roll-ones and choose something that’ll make your winter much warmer and joyous.