5 ways to Find Center in the Middle of a Hectic Work Day

If you are hoping to start a new meditation routine, but you are stuck working in at your desk, don't fear. There are plenty of different types of meditation that you can engage in from the comfort of your desk, office or any public space, really.

These are some of the best and most effective meditations that you can do at your desk.

  1. Mindfulness practice. Instead of trying to ignore the sounds and sensations around you, mindfulness meditation encourages bringing peaceful awareness to everything that is going on around you. Try focusing on one sound - traffic outside, the humming of an air conditioner, or refrigerator - then allow that sound to be come you only focus. Use the presence of the sound to slow the heart-rate and mind.
  2. Basic breath counting. One of the simplest forms of meditation is the counting of breath. Breathe in for a count of one, and then exhale for a count of two. Continue counting this way until you feel relaxed. Try getting up to eight or ten to bring your tension level down.
  3. Alternate nostril breathing (pranayama). This is a form of meditation that has been used for thousands of years in India. It promotes focus, concentration, and relaxation. Close one nostril, and inhale through the other. Pause here, then plug the other nostril and exhale through it. Inhale again, then switch nostrils. Do this for 3 minutes continually to relax.
  4. Body scan. The body holds onto emotions like stress. A body scan involves directing your attention throughout the body, trying to identify where you are holding on to stress or anxiety. You can then massage or breathe into this area to soothe it.
  5. Touching with your eyes. Bring a natural object, like a leaf or a crystal, with you to work. Focus on this object, attempting to ‘feel it’ your eyes, without attaching labels like ‘soft’ or ‘textured.’ This promotes focus and concentration. 

Any combination of these techniques will help ensure comfort, focus, and reduced stress at work.