The “Something for Everyone” Self-Care Gift Guide

2020 brought the need for ‘self-care’ to a whole new level. So how do we end this crazy year on a high note? Hint: it’s as simple as a few well-thought-out gifts. From wellness tools to home décor staples, here are the gifts that are sure to please everyone in your life (and bring some good karma into 2021).

For the Wellness Devotee—

Even the most dedicated Ayurveda practitioner can level up his or her game. Dry brushing, also known as gharshana, is a wonderful way to do just that. So consider slipping a dry brush into all of your friends’ stockings this year. With amazing health benefits—like removing dead skin cells, stimulating blood circulation, and increasing lymphatic drainage—it’s only a matter of time before a thank you note arrives in the mail.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, wrap up fun extras like a meditation pillow or a kansa wand. The former is filled with natural buckwheat husks, making the perfect cushion for deep meditation. The latter, a bronze tool similar to jade rollers or gua sha crystals, helps relieve tension in facial muscles, release acidity in the skin, and restore skin luster. Only the best for the nice list, right?

For the Sleep Deprived—

Half the fun of the holiday season is the excuse to slow down and rest after a whirlwind of a year. This year, give your loved ones the magic of a great night’s sleep. 

Our handcrafted wellness candles play double duty; you get the gorgeous, flickering glow you’d  expect from mainstream candles plus the unique benefits of essential oils. The ‘Dream Catcher’ candle uses notes of orange and grapefruit to immediately relax the body.

While a candle sets the conditions for great sleep, a silk eye mask seals the deal. Because darkness is a key component for producing melatonin, a hormone that supports drowsiness, silk masks naturally support restful sleep. (Did we mention it also supports beauty sleep? The silk fabric prevents wrinkles and fine lines too!)

For the Stressed Out—

This year was…tiring to say the least. From schoolteacher to caretaker to Zoom meeting facilitator — we juggled new titles and new challenges each day. This holiday season gift your loved ones with a well-deserved break.

Our ‘Ritual’ incense, made from an iconic blend of frankincense and myrrh, inspires calmness in both the home and the heart. Pair with a beautiful, brass incense holder for the ultimate self-care package. 

For the Person who has Everything—

We all have that friend/mother-in-law/boss that’s impossible to shop for. But there’s no need to give up this holiday season. You just have to think outside of the box.

While the niche gifts like a copper or stainless steel tongue cleaner may not be the obvious holiday choice, they manage to be both practical (helping freshen breath and flush toxins) + surprisingly beautiful. Seriously, these sustainable cleaners look très chic on any vanity. And the best part? We bet your friend doesn’t have one…yet.

For the Sustainably Conscious—

If you have a friend looking to make more sustainable choices, we applaud her. In a world built for convenience, it’s not always easy to make the eco-friendly choice. 

Make your friend’s life a little simpler by gifting a few of these bamboo kitchen brushes. We love that these brushes are safe for both food and dirty dishes--you can even use it to clean tough pans like cast iron skillets. Also, did we mention they’re cute? Pick from the ring style or the traditional stump style. Either way, a sustainable kitchen brush is a thoughtful gift for both loved ones and the environment.