Monthly Meditation Mantra: Release the Old, Embrace the New

Transitioning into spring is a natural time to perform seasonal detoxes. In Ayurveda, we perform physical detoxes by changing our diets, and naturally purging the body of that which was necessary to stay healthy through the winter season. But we can also detox our emotional, spiritual and energy body. This energetic purging, with each season, can breathe new life into our experience and help give us the boost we need to achieve our upcoming goals.

Our meditation mantra for the season is to release the old in order to make space for the new. Here are ways to think about purging your life of that which no longer serves you (e.g., things that do not give you joy, bring you pleasure, have positive energy, and love).

Releasing the Old

+ Release the old patterns that no longer serve you - Maybe come up with a new exercise, breathwork, reiki, yoga, or meditation routine.

+ Release the relationships that deplete you instead of filling you up - Take stock of those around you and ask if they add or depleted your experience. This is a powerful exercise that can help you create more meaningful relationships in your life.

+ Release limiting beliefs that get in the way of achieving your goals - List all the limiting beliefs you might be holding on to. You’d be surprised by what comes out on the paper when you truly take a look within. This could be a belief that you can’t achieve your dream, lose weight, get that job, start that business, or buy that apartment. Then ceremoniously get rid of this paper either by throwing it away, tearing it up, or burning it safely in a bowl next to water to ensure no fire catches.

+ Release any negative energy or grudges you’ve been holding - Allow yourself to forgive those that you are holding grudges toward. Once you are lighter you will be easier to move towards that which does support you with a clean slate.

Embracing the New

+ Make a list of all the new experiences you’re looking forward to - even if these are not yet manifested in your world, add them to the list. This can become a powerful tool for manifestation.

+ Make a list of the goals you’d like to achieve in the coming season - This can be athletic, food, relationship, money, job, or spirituality related. Just make sure you write down as many items until your mind becomes blank. 

+ Make a list of all the things that scare you - This can be worries about failure, or worries about health, school, kids, work life/balance, moving, whatever they are. It’s important to face them so you can then work towards solutions to get them off this list.

Monthly Mediation Offering - Four Easy Steps

Several yogic meditations focus on this embracing and releasing cycle in a seated meditation practice. Here is one of our favorite mantra meditations to encourage and support cultivating this in our own lives.

  1. Ground: Find a comfortable seat on the ground or floor. Close your eyes. Take three audible inhales and exhales out your mouth to clear the air. Return to breathing normally
  2. Breathe: Let each inhale become the flowing in of embracing the new, and let each exhale become the flowing out of that which no longer serves you. So, with each inhale repeat this word to yourself ‘new’ and with each exhale repeat to yourself ‘release’.
 Inhale: New
Exhale: Release

3. Deepen: With each cycle of breath, allow the inhales and exhales to elongate. Slow down the words so that each word takes the entirety of the inhale and exhales.

4. Soften: Your body will let you know how long you need to sit and when the exercise is complete. When you're ready, release the mantra. Soften your mind, soften your face, and soften your posture for a few minutes before opening your eyes.

Here’s to a season of releasing and embracing only that which serves you.