2022 Meditation/Spiritual Health Gift Guide

Give gifts with love and intention to those in your life who could use a little more inner peace and calm in their lives (pretty much everyone these days). For this gift guide we’ve curated thoughtful gifts to improve meditation and enhance spiritual health.


Remind your loved one to stay present in the moment with our meditation incense. These incense can be used as meditation tools or in any sacred space to help calm, restore, and support mental health.

Our Intention Incense features soft hints of orange, mahogany, oakmoss, and amber that enhance the earthy quality of this scent with a rich, smooth finish.

Sacred, the calming blend of sage and patchouli fills your space with calmness and tranquility while cleansing energy debris. All of our incense are hand-dipped and California sun-dried for absolute perfection.

UBUD Balancing Perfume Oil

UBUD Perfume Oil is inspired by delicate winding rice terraces and the soft devotion of the sweet Balinese sky. This relaxing and soothing perfume oil uses Gardenia to help with depression, anxiety and clear out brain fog. It’s perfect for the floral enthusiast in your life!

Intention Wellness Candle

Help your family and friends enhance their meditation, yoga practices or bring awareness throughout the day. Our Intention Wellness Candle is one of our favorite meditation candles. It’s infused with natural essential oils, including cedar, lavandin, and orange.

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