Ayurveda Summer Rituals

Summertime is Pitta season. Pitta is ruled by fire and water elements. Since summer months are hot in the northern hemisphere, Pitta can become aggravated during summer.  

Those with a primary Pitta dosha can easily be thrown off balance during the warmer seasons. Those who are not Pitta dosha can also experience Pitta aggravation as each person has all three doshas in their genetic makeup.

To keep pitta in check try a few of these quick rituals to help stay cool and collected during the coming months.


  • Practice cooling yoga. Yoga poses which embody the earth element are said to be cooling. Strong, standing postures (think mountain pose and trikonasana) are cooling, as are poses which strongly root the hands and feet to the ground. Forward folds are notoriously cooling and calming. Think about Yin yoga, and other yoga styles that move slower and hold restorative poses for longer.

  • Eat to support Pitta. Even if Pitta’s not your primary dosha, you’re going to want to eat Pitta-balancing foods. Choose cold drinks and cooling foods like fresh fruit, and oils like coconut or olive. Try cooling herbs such as coriander and cilantro. Eat a mix of whole foods and raw foods and include dark leafy bitter greens. Avoid spicy foods and chili as they heat up the body. Don't forget to slow down your eating and make sure to chew and swallow each bite.

  • Focus on relaxing and becoming less rigid or controlling. Pitta benefits from learning to surrender and relaxing the mind. Think less about being a perfectionist. Find pride in your work and tasks, but don't make them an obsession. Give yourself the space to fond an even rhythm to your workday instead of moving intensely from task to task.


  • Practice daily self-massage. Ayurvedic self-massage is important in any season. During Pitta season, focus on using cooling oils such as coconut or sunflower oil.

  • Incorporate essential oils that support Pitta. During the hot summer months, apply aromatherapy with cooling oils like lavender, rose, sandalwood, chamomile and jasmine.


We have several products to help balance, cool and calm Pitta during these summer months. You don't need to create several rituals all at once to stay balanced during summer. Just try incorporating one at a time and allow them to become natural before adding on more.