Four Easy Spiritual House Cleaning Rituals

Energy debris is a real thing. When people are vibrating a different energy frequency than you are, you can feel the difference, if you are attuned to these subtitles. A blindfold study was conducted at Berkeley in which people were sitting silently in a room and three people were introduced into the room, separately. 

One person was made to listen to agitating music for fifteen minutes, one person was given a relaxing neck massage, and one person was given nothing. Interestingly, each blindfolded person recorded feeling agitated when the agitated person entered, relaxed when the relaxed person entered and not much of any thing when the third person entered.

Energy debris ("aka" other peoples emotions) has a greater impact on us than we sometimes realize. Keeping your space clear of unwanted energy is as important as your diet, exercise and mental wellness.

Energy is real. And, others energy impact on you is also a real experience. You don't have to be spiritual to care about the company you keep and the space you live in. Caring about your whole self is how holistic wellness contributes to living a vital, more satisfying life. 

To keep your house, or space, clean of an unwanted energy, we've compiled this easy self-care list to help. It's as important to tend to your energy as it is to tend to your mind, body and diet.

When you find your energy is off, or someone has knocked it off-kilter, use these techniques to reclaim your energetic ground:

Start smudging! Any energy worker, holistic healer, hippie, or spiritualist will tell you that the first thing you need to do for any energetic house cleansing is to smudge. Burn some sage brush or palo santo wood to bring freshness into your space.

Get moving. Life is movement, and stagnation leads to decay. One of the best ways to move old energy is to start moving. Shake it out by dancing, start jogging, or do jumping jacks to push out the old energy and bring in the new.

Meditate. There’s a reason that meditation has been popular for thousands of years: it works. Meditation is, hands-down, the best way to clear your house energy field and make space for new energy.

Listen to music. Nothing changes the mood quicker than music. Put on some relaxing ambient music to help create a new energetic space. Or, anything that helps you to unwind. 

If you follow these easy tips, you’ll be feeling energetically refreshed in no time.