The Soulful Selfcare Holiday Gift Guide

Who doesn’t crave more balance, better sleep, and peace of mind? This season, we’ve put together a curated list of the best gifts for mind and body balance, stress, and self-care. Think candles, meditation tools, and more. And since stress happens to all of us, we can guarantee this gift guide has something for everyone on your list.


From skincare tools to body care products, these gifts are sure to enhance your loved ones day and nighttime routines. With everyone’s busy schedules, self-care is sacred and necessary to make it through the week. Encourage the people you love to elevate their health and wellness with daily rituals that will keep them looking and feeling their best. 


Our number one gift recommendation: incense. Why? It engages so many of the senses. The curls of smoke frame the lit incense sticks and serve as a visible reminder to be present in the moment. And because incense is a form of aromatherapy, the fragrance sets the conditions for restorative meditation or yoga practice. 

Our personal favorites are the ‘Ritual’ incense + ‘Sacred’ incense packs. Ritual is used for relaxation, stress relief, and to support spiritual health.  Sacred, an iconic blend of sage and patchouli, creates calmness, tranquility, and balances vitality. Each bushel is hand dipped and California sun dried for absolute perfection. 

Flow Perfume Oil

Our ‘Flow’ perfume oil, made of a robust blend of rose botanicals, might just be the perfect stocking stuffer. Each time the scent catches the nose, the wearer will be reminded to focus on flow—and that all paths lead within. Think of it as a constant reminder of stop and smell the roses…

Longer lasting than traditional fragrances (and cleaner too), we’re confident your friends will enjoy this perfume oil just as much we do. 

Meditation Cushion:

Looking inward isn’t always comfortable, but that doesn’t mean a meditation practice can’t be.

Made with organic cotton and filled with natural buckwheat, this meditation cushion is the perfect gift for both beginners and professionals alike. Veteran mediators and yoga teachers designed this cushion to inspire daily practice. Plus, this gift serves as a physical reminder that when you quiet the mind, you open the door to possibility.

‘Intention’ Candle

We can all agree that intention is the first step to holistic living. Which is why the ‘intention’ candle, with notes of oranges, grapefruits, and mahogany, makes such a considerate gift. Infused with natural essential oils, this candle uses aromatherapy to help center and focus even the busiest of minds. (Plus, it’s just a gorgeous gift.)

Pro tip: Tuck in a handwritten note encouraging your friends to focus on their dreams for an added personal touch. 

Jade Gua Sha Face Lifting Tool

A skincare routine is not complete without a Gua Sha face tool. Daily Gua Sha massages stimulate circulation, decrease puffiness and inflammation, minimize dark circles, and tighten facial muscles (yup, it’s pretty much a superstar!). The skincare enthusiast on your shopping list will love you forever after opening this gift. 

Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

You can give your loved one improved relaxation in the form of the Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Pillow. The combination of freshly harvested lavender buds and natural flax seeds helps enhance mediation, anxiety management, and sleep. 

Ayurveda Tongue Cleaner

For the friend or family member that seems to have everything, it’s always good to give them a gift they never knew they needed— like our Ayurveda Tongue Cleaner. Help them enhance their dental wellness routine with the ancient Ayurveda ritual of tongue cleaning with a shiny new copper or stainless steel tongue scraper. 

Ayurveda Apothecary Dry Brush

Bring the spa home with a Dry Brush. Dry Brushing helps shed dead skin cells to present smoother and brighter skin. This cleansing ritual also helps stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Remember—not all dry brushes are the same. Check out our post to make sure you’re picking the best dry brush.

Tumeric/Rose Herbal Bath and Body Oil

After a long day, the best thing is soaking in a relaxing bath or taking a moment to yourself after a shower. Our adaptogenic body oil uses a blend of turmeric, rose, and tulsi to purify your blood, fight inflammation, and support a healthy immune system while restoring balance to the mind and body.

Made by Yoke wants to help you celebrate the holidays! If you’re looking for the perfect gift, explore our complete collection of Ayurveda lifestyle, aromatherapy, and wellness products—we’re sure you’ll find gifts for everyone. Happy shopping!