A Simple Guide to Inner Wellness

August is National Wellness Month and we wanted to share with you a simple guide to inner wellness. We have narrowed down this vast topic to four key areas to incorporate into your daily ritual and to help you focus on your inner wellness journey! Practice these ideas and share with your loved ones! 

1. Always listen to your heart and your intuition. Follow your inner compass. Heal your heart chakra (Anahata). Our heart is the center of our being and our compass. It is the center of love, empathy, and compassion. Some believe our intuition is based in our heart. Spiritual health is all about getting out of your mind and back into your heart space. Some simple ways to open your heart chakra are to meditate on the color emerald (the color of the heart chakra/Anahata), practice yoga poses for physically opening the heart space (like Bridge Pose and Upward Facing Dog), and using heart-opening aromatherapy scents such as rose, frankincense, geranium, neroli, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. 

2. Self-Love Practices and Body Acceptance. In Ayurveda, your mental health is one of the most important aspects of wellness as it greatly affects your physical wellbeing. Remember to make mindful health decisions with your future self in mind, get in touch with your body’s natural rhythms, and learn to listen to when something feels a little off. 

Remember that everyone’s body is unique. Be grateful and thankful for your body and how it serves you in your life. When you start to appreciate your body for the things that it allows you to do you will start to respect and appreciate your body in a new way, no longer focused on physical flaws.

A lovely Ayurvedic practice is the practice of abhyanga, or oil massage, to warm your body and provide it with the grounding nourishment and self-love it desires and deserves. Incorporate the essential oils listed above into a carrier oil of your choice to begin this practice and focus on massaging your entire body from head to toe.This increases circulation and confidence. 

3. Disconnecting and relaxing. Be present with yourself. It is so easy to get distracted in our day-to-day lives, particularly with technology use and social media consumption. It is important to disconnect and make sure you are taking time to truly rest, focus on self-nourishment, and be present. A few great practices that can help you stay in the present moment, disconnect, and relax include daily meditation, breathing techniques, movement, journaling, and being with nature. Go for a walk or take a moment to write down your intentions for the day.

4. Enrich your life with the things that serve you and your purpose. Remember to do what makes you happy and helps you achieve your dreams and reach your goals. Explore hobbies that fascinate you. Enrich your life with fulfilling, uplifting, and healthy relationships. Set boundaries with those who take too much of your own energy that you should be putting back into yourself. Say no to things that are not a full yes from your heart space. We can guarantee that you will begin to magnetize all of your deepest desires if you start taking steps in the direction of your dreams and don’t look back! 

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