"Yoga is about the pose between the pose, the thoughts between our words, and the actions between our classes. Over time these moments connect, creating the framework for holistic living.”  

Made by Yoke was created to make holistic wellness and sustainable self-care accessible to everyone. I could see we were all in constant motion, never taking the time to cook a wholesome meal, spend time in nature or set aside time to relax and unwind. It was clear, we weren’t taking care of what was most important: ourselves. 

When I recognized that I was sacrificing myself for external success, I knew that something had to change. I left my high-stress job to stir ayurvedic herbs over a fire pit in rural Australia, seeking a more fulfilling life. 

I found it and Made by Yoke was born.

Yoke is the true definition of yoga and it means connection. 

Connection to nourishment. 

Connection to spirit. 

Connection to yourself and to those around you.

My goal for Made by Yoke is to provide a holistic platform for sustainable self-care and wellness. Wherever you may be on your path, I hope our products can help you cultivate a deeper connection to the life you desire and an open pathway to the wellness you deserve.

All paths lead within

I’m an ex-New York City executive, daughter of vegan hippies, textbook Vata, aromatherapist, 500-hr RYT yoga teacher, meditation and pranayama instructor, and classically-trained in Ayurveda.

I’ve lived in Bali, spent a decade in Brooklyn, worked on an MBA in Barcelona, have the obligatory yoga teacher Sanskrit tattoo and, yes, did a bit of time in an ashram in India.

I also run Yoke Holistic, an integrative wellness practice focused on alternative and preventative healthcare. I blend the sciences of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and herbalism to customize sustainable, long-term wellness plans. I do this in my holistic health practice with my clients and my team and I are honored to be able to share what we’ve seen work best with you.

In love + light,