About Made by Yoke and Ayurveda Apothecary


Thank you so much for connecting.

It is my core belief that self-care is truly multidimensional. It is a dynamic symmetry of thoughts, emotions, diet, and self-awareness that impacts the mind, body and spirit. How you live, how you feel, the products you use, even how you design the spaces you inhabit all connect into your ecosystem of self-care.

Ayurveda, and holistic medicine, teach that when you look at all these moving pieces together, instead of as separate entities, you can find a deeper level of well-being. A more sustainable level of wellness. And, ultimately, a more satisfying life.

I started this company during my own search for a more fulfilling life. I left my Manhattan VP job to stir ayurvedic herbs over a fire pit in rural Australia. I named the company Yoke because it represents the changes that this personal journey awakened within me.

Yoke is the true definition of yoga and it means connection. Connection to nourishment. Connection to spirit. Connection to yourself and to those around you.

I’ve nurtured this brand to help you (re)connect to self-care rituals that support your journey in wellness. I do this in my preventative health practice with my clients and my team and I are honored to be able to share what we’ve seen work best with you.

Wherever you may be on your path, I hope our products can help you cultivate a deeper connection to the life you desire and an open pathway to the wellness you deserve.

In love + light,